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Rapid Prototyping
SMH provides rapid delivery of prototypes that protect our soldiers. We are frequently called upon by the Army to assist them with their urgent requests for new force protection solutions requested by troops in theater. We provide a full service solution to our customers, from material sourcing to finished product delivery. We prototype production processes as well.

Through our proprietary supplier network, SMH can rapidly scale up production of various parts. We fill the need for urgent parts while our government customer scales up its high-rate manufacturing capacity.

Research & Development
Our basic R&D thrust is to enhance existing products by applying updated material and fabrication technology. We improve product performance by focusing on the desired outcome, such as reducing the weight of vehicle-based armor panels or improving the ballistic capabilities of transparent armor.

Engineering & Technical Services
Customers frequently call upon us to apply our knowledge to their programs. We have a deep reserve of engineers, subject matter experts, and other knowledge workers who can support various customer requests for unique insights. We can also supply people with security clearances.

Homeland Security
We provide various studies regarding the impact of spent ordinance on various US Army training ranges.

Training Support

Due to the emerging need for innovative modular and reconfigurable tactical training facilities to support military and law enforcement training, SMH International has developed a fully instrumented system using the cutting-edge  Joint Fully Instrumented Tactical Trainer-Military Operations Urbanized Terrain (JFITT-MOUT)TM  Training System combined with a state of the art instrumentation that collectively provides a unique training and After Action Review (AAR) capability. This system is also being evaluated as a mechanism to further reduce the environmental impacts of training with traditional lead ammunition through the use of simulated munitions, providing a sustainable tactical training capability for the law enforcement and Department of Defense end-user community incorporating realistic force-on-force training methodology.  The SMH International JFITT-MOUT system fully integrates the RATPAC TM training facility along with the newest state of the art instrumentation package to provide the most realistic, portable, and reconfigurable urban training facility in the world today.

Composite Armor Products

By applying the latest in materials and fabrication technologies, we dramatically improve system level performance by reducing the weight while improving structural and ballistic capabilities.  We can provide unique lightweight solutions including metals, ceramics, and composites hybrids.  For more information, click here.

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